Restoration works

The castle in 1979

In 1978, seeing this exceptional heritage in the region, doomed to abandonment and complete destruction, a few inhabitants of Havré grouped together and in 1979 founded a non-profit-organization “Les Amis du Château des Ducs d’Havré. They save the castle from disaster.

When the volunteers enter the castle it was in utter desolation.

With enthusiasm, courage and modest technical resources, the pioneers clearers, clean the place, sort the bricks and stones. Then they started to restore the towers and rebuild the walls according to the pictures they have.

Volunteers collaborators join them. Holiday camps are organised in which American students staying at homesteads participate. Thanks to public and private aid, backed up by the mobilisation of all stakeholders in the company, consolidation and renovation efforts are continuing.


Some pictures before and after the renovations

Châtelets d’entrée

The entry châtelets are restored.

The drawbridge

The access bridge is usable again.

The weapons room

The weapons room is cleared and the main staircase has been refitted

Tower of the guards

The rooms are refurbished : hereunder the ground floor before and after the renovation.

Not to mention the repaires of the kitchen tower, the chapel, the duke’s bedroom, the tower of Enghien, …

After 2002

2002: a sanitary condition of the building was established, highlighting the restoration priorities. It is on this basis that the larger-scale works are started.

For these projects the association is actively supported by :

  • The Wallon Region;
  • the Royal Commission for Monuments, Sites and Excavations;
  • the Province of Hainaut;
  • the city Mons.

2005: laying of a slab covering the Weapons room and the Anne of Lorraine wing. The work was carried out in 2005/2006 but the interior finishes have not yet been completed.


Wallon Region :173 830€
Province of Hainaut :35 000€
City of mons7 366€
Total cost : 231 860€


2008: the first meetings were held with the objective of restoring the Enghien tower, the site’s master-piece.

August 2012: the association obtains the agreement for the restoration and reallocation of the Tower of Enghien. Ultimately, the restored tower is intended to house a library that can be visited on request by the public. This will host a book / archive fund received as a bequest, the “Emile Poumon Fund” (historian from the region and who has written many books and articles on Walloon heritage).

December 2013, the Minister responsible for Heritage has approved, by ministerial decree, the granting of a subsidy for the restoration work on the Enghien tower.

The work aims to restore the different levels of the tower and its roof. It is also planned to reconstruct the collapsed part of the staircase turret (top) and the gable of the main building adjoining the tower. Floors will be rested at all levels, the interior decorations will be restored. New windows and doors frames will be installed as well as electricity, heating, …

Given the limited budget of the association, the work will be carried out in several phases.

Phase 1

The 1st phase began in April 2014, and ended in December 2015: reconstruction of the collapsed part of the staircase turret (top) and of the gable of the main building adjoining the tower, renovation of the roof of the bulb, exterior joinery.


Wallon Region80 %
Province of Hainaut
1 %
City of Mons1 %
The balance by the association18 %
Total cost : 667.240 € HTVA

2018: A crowdfunding campaign is launched to restore the housings and floors of the different levels. A main beam in very poor condition is restored : 296 donors – 21 305 euros raised.