Entrance Castle

this part has been greatly reduced over the last two centuries, leaving only the ground floor under a terrace roof : two semi-circular towers stand on either side of a driveway closed by a Louis XIV gate dating from the late 18th century. Each tower has barrel vaults, a chimney, latrines and the remains of loopholes. In the Back, the foundations of an earlier castle have been unearthed and their outline can be seen in the paving of the yard.

« SPLIT » Tower :

This has four levels, excluding the roof trussing which disappeared in the 20th century, had replaced intersecting ribbed vaults similar to those in the Wardens’ tower. Today, one of the highlights of your tour is certain to be the superimposing on the western face of four magnificent brick and stone chimneys. An intricate network of vaulted corridors built in the southern and eastern walls provides convenient access between the different halls on the various floors, the respective latrines and the spiral staircases which rise to the second level in the eastern part, and to the higher levels in the south-eastern corner. Light is provided by casement windows (north), mullioned openings (east) or open-work windows.